Fixtures – Primary 3

Primary 3 Fixtures
Last updated: 30th Mar 2019 @ 10:00am

Please remember the following:

  • EVERY game is a friendly game.  There are no scores recorded and no points allocated.  This is NOT a league.  It is a programme which aims to have teams playing age appropriate football in a player-centric environment to develop the player, the coach and the spectator;
  • All games are 15min in length and will start and stop in the Irish FA Coordinator’s whistle;
  • All restarts will be taken from the centre (with one or two players);
  • One coach from each team must stand on the same side of the pitch, within the fencing.  ALL parents and/or spectators MUST remain outside the fencing at ALL times;
  • Teams are permitted to bring a maximum of 8 players to each game.  No player is permitted to play more than one set of fixtures;
  • Goalkeepers are not permitted to kick the ball from their hands at any stage.  Distribution must be by rolling or passing;
  • The ‘first touch’ rule applies whereby opposing players are required to retreat 10yrd when the GK has the ball in his/her hands.  Once the first touch has been taken then the opposing players can press the ball.  The ball is to be retaken from the GK if the first touch isn’t allowed.  [If you have any queries on this rule, please consult one of the Irish FA Coordinators]; and
  • There are no offsides.